Our Forex Trading Signals include two pairs (EUR/USD and USD/CHF). The signals are issued as pending orders (precise entry/exit points, stop losses). The time of issuing signals corresponds to the GMT+10. The "V" value equals the number of lots for a transaction. We do not recommend opening for one position more than 5% of your deposit. Generally signals are sent via email or SMS. For using our trading signals you must choose a brokerage firm which gives a hedging option (possibility to open opposing positions at the same time for the same currency pair).

The cost of the subscription for trading signals is US$1000 a month. If you pay until the 20th day of a month inclusive, you will obtain admittance to signals within a current month. If a date for paying gets to the following dates of the month then you will obtain admittance within a current and following month. If you cannot pay for the subscription for the following month, we will consider the subscription disaffirmed. We accept payment by bank transfers, PayPal or WebMoney.

You may contact us via E-mail: davomgt@gmail.com

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